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Written by Allan Tabilas   
Sunday, 27 January 2008

We are pleased to announce our first documentary, Salsamentary. The documentary is available through:

1. Subscribe to the Salsamentary Podcast via iTunes - the best way of watching the documentary -

2. Video gallery on our website - click here

Brief instructions to subscribe to the podcast are below.

Since 2005, salsa dancers from around the globe have competed for first place (on1, on2, cabaret, and team divisions) at the World Salsa Championships.

In 2006, we followed two couples from Philadelphia, and one from the Netherlands in their attempt to be the world's best from their respective divisions. The couples are:

Darlin Garcia (on1 division)
Dominican Republic
Taiti Walter (on2 division)
Curacao and the Netherlands
Victor Colon (cabaret division)
Puerto Rico & Philadelphia, Pa
In his early twenties, Darlin is one of Philadelphia's most talented and accomplished dancers. He's competed in several competitions and as a cofounder of Art in Motion, been a veteran of national and international salsa congresses. With salsa experience gained from the Netherlands based team Matanza, Taiti and partner Cristel have traveled Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. They are in demand for their salsa and zouk workshops. A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in engineering, Victor has quickly built a name for himself in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Having teamed up with Sonya Elmore, the dance couple have competed both regionally and in Puerto Rico.
Kathleen Eccleston (on1 division)
Cherry Hill, NJ
Cristel Beijkirch (on2 division)
The Hague, Netherlands
Sonya Elmore (cabaret division)
Russia & Bensalem, Pa
A former gymnast, Kathleen started dancing salsa with Masacote's Ana Massicot and the Atrium's Barbara Capaldi. She soon gained experience with New Jersey's Salseros Unidos, then joined Art in Motion. A physical therapy graduate and a former gymnast, Cristel has roots from both Holland and Suriname. Along with partner Taiti, she was one of the first couples from Matanza. Her love of salsa has called her to countries such as China, India, Bulgaria, and the United States. As a longtime competitor in ballroom dance world, Sonya was bit by the salsa bug in her travels to Los Angeles. Sonya owns La Luna Dance Studio, one of the largest dance schools in the Philadelphia area. Her pro team is Luna Negra dancers.

Salsamentary takes a look at the journey of six dancers as they step on salsa's largest stage through its highest level of competitive dancing. Each dancer has their own reason for competing. Some enjoy the challenge of competing against the world's best dancers. Others want to build their salsa dance resume and credentials quickly through the event, which is televised on several ESPN national and international stations, as well as DVDs sold globally. The rewards cannot be expressed just in terms of the prize money awarded to the first, second, and third places.

The documentary features interviews from 2005 on1 champions Abel Pena and Zulmara Torres, 2005 on2 champions Oliver Pineda and Luda Kroitor, 2005 on1 3rd place couple Roberto Arenas and Marie-Josee Strazzero, Salsa Seven Inc. members Albert Torres and Rob Beiner, Griselle Ponce (Taima Dancers), Yesenia Peralta and Ismael Otero (Caribbean Soul Dancers), Burju Hurturk (Hacha y Machete), and Ana and Joel Massicot (Masacote Dancers).

Currently at 13 chapters, with one more planned, the documentary is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. The iTunes podcast allows you to download the files locally to your machine to watch at your leisure.

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iTunes Salsamentary podcast download instructions

For Apple's own instructions, please follow this link.

1. Install the iTunes client on your Windows XP PC or Mac OS X machine. Launch iTunes.
2. In the left pane, click the iTunes Store link.
3. Once you are in the iTunes Store, go to the search bar in the upper right hand corner, type Salsamentary, and press enter.

4. In the right corner where it says "Podcasts", one result should come up with the Salsamentary podcast. Click on the podcast.

5. Click the subscribe button to subscribe to the podcast. Your computer will download the first video of the podcast (Trailer 1). You must manually download the other chapters.

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