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Red Carpet Affair 2011

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Performance - Caribbean Soul
Watch Ismael, Shani, Matthew, and Katlyn from Caribbean Soul.
4004x hits
Performance - Elvis Collado & Teresa Garcia
Check out Elvis and Teresa in their performance.
3090x hits
Performance - Henri and Claudia
Watch this unique blend of salsa and modern style movement with brother and sister team Henry Velandia and Claudia Hannah of Hot Salsa Hot from Princeton, NJ.
2419x hits

Performance - Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio
Watch MDN Latin Studio's Marcus and Diana.
2967x hits
Performance - Proyecto Descarga
Farrah Benoit, Sekou McMiller, Elvis Collado, Jennifer Rosado, Amanda Marquez, and Eduardo "Butter" Rojas, performed as Proyecto Descarga in this jazzy salsa routine.
3728x hits
Performance - Sekou McMiller Dance Project
Watch another performance from the Sekou McMiller Dance Project
= 1, 3229x hits

Performance - Sekou McMiller Dance Project
Performing to Roberto Roena and Fania-All Stars classic "Coyo Miyare" is the Sekou McMiller Dance Project.
3028x hits
Social - Carlos & Hannah
Check out Carlos (Yamulee alumnus and Karisma dancer) with Hannah (Onda Latina alumni)
= 3, 4295x hits
Social - Fernando & Gabriela
Fernando from Santo Rico dances with the lovely Gabriela.
= 2, 3872x hits

Social - Henry & Claudia
Brother and sister team Henri Velandia and Claudia enjoy a social dance.
2612x hits
Social - Joe & Lili
Check out dancers Joe and Lili.
= 1, 2435x hits
Social - Paul & Kiron
Check out Paul and Kiron
1958x hits

Social - Roberto & Amanda
Watch dancers Roberto and Amanda
2951x hits


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