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Onda Latina Fall Showcase 2008

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(Nuevotec) at the Onda Latina Fall Showcase pt1
Watch our collection of stills from the Onda Latina & African Rhythms fall showcase, Orishas: Two Rhythms, One Spirit. Powered by Animoto, song by Luisito Quintero featuring Anane, "Our Love".

Photo galleries (1280x850 stills) here:
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(Nuevotec) at the Onda Latina Fall Showcase remix1
This is the remix slideshow, song by Wagon Cookin featuring Brazilian singer Fernanda Cabra, "Mar" (Electronic / Dance / Jazz/ Bossanova)
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(Nuevotec) at the Onda Latina Fall Showcase remix2
Remix, cause we don't stop, and we cant stop. song by Estelle featuring Sean Paul, "Come Over" .
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Axis Mundi
Axis mundi is a sacred symbol expressing a point of spiritual connection that spans throughout cultures. While the image may vary among religions, axis mundi represents a point where transcendence between different spiritual realms may occur. Our piece is an attempt to visually express this transcendence.
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Bantaba (freestyle)
Bantaba - A circle of dancers and drummers celebrating spontaneously with participation from the audience.
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Beat This
What if Michael Jackson was Dominican?
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Bomba Plena
Bomba-Plena is an Afro-Puerto Rican rhythm played traditionally on Barrel drums. This rich sound emerged out of a mix of African and Spanish cultures and was a very important form of expression against the system of slavery and a form of spiritual strength. Bomba dancers were typoical during important social or community events. This particular rhythm and dance is a faction of the Bomba style called Yuba, and Anaizo is a Taino word meaning grain.
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Drummers Piece
A medley of three different rhythms spanning several traditions. The three pieces strung together are Guinea-Rumba, an Afro-Salsa piece arranged by our drum instructor Paul Lucas, and Kuku. African Rumbas are a style of music that originated in Congo, and Kuku is a traditional dance from the Western countries of Africa such as Senegal, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.
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Finale - Onda Style! Onda closes out its showcases with a short piece to Hector Lavoe's "Todo Tiene su Final."
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Foundation Singers
The Foundation Singers formed as a trio in early 2002. They began as backup-up vocalists for nationally known Philadelphia musician and storyteller, Kala Jojo. Their unique blend of air-tight harmony and soulful delivery produce an angelic sound which captivates audiences wherever they perform. Their musical mission: to share with all who will listen their passion and love for good music.
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Girls Merengue
In this flirtatious fly piece, the spirit of Oshun transforms these sexy ladies into Merengue vixens.
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Originally from the Kouyate lineage of Mali, it has origins on the balaphone, but it is commonly accompanied by doun douns and djembe. It is played for and by the djeli to thank the gods for creating the djeli caste. This particular version has an added flavor from Guinea.
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La Bachata
Like the Onda alum who choreographed it, this bachata is sexy and probably what you'll be thinking about all night. Our striking lifts and sensuous moves are just Onda's attempt to keep you a little warmer this winter.
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Mani Mania
Even in this cute, flirty piece, Onda still finds a way to have a crazy-sexy-feel-good time. Audience Beware: Toes will be twinkling, ties we'll be throwing, booties will be shaking, and bodies will be rolling. Its Mani mania everybody!
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O Déjate Sentir
Total darkness and then a flash of light and skilled with the sharp sounds of the strings of a guitar suddenly announce the entrance of a group of seductive sirens. Armed with mesmerizing curves, splashed with translucent radiance, and the sharp movements of their hands, their entrance forebodes the beginning of a journey that is bound to entrap the audience in lavish ecstasy. Passion, seduction, elegance, and delight come together as these sexy Onda sirens will make you exclaim: "Acerate muy lento dejate sentir; enciende ya este fuego que hay dentro de mi." Ole!
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Pegate un Poquito
Join us, the Fall 08 Newbies, as we attempt to reconnect with our roots through sensual movements. Dancing to the rhythms of the conga, trumpet, and the clave, we will attempt to transport you to the land of the Orishas. From our sexy salsa we move on to an energetic merengue that brings us closer and heat things up! Our inspiration: the spirit of Ibeji, who represents youth and vitality.
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(Song by New Swing Sextet - "Revolucionando"). Smooth, sexy, fierce. This piece is all about the moves... with seductive shoulders, intense isolations and breathtaking body rolls, watch was we revolutionize your concept of movement. La revolucion ha empezado...
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This rhythm is a traditional melody from Guinea, typically performed with masked stilt-walkers. Like other masquerades in traditional African societies, it represents the beauty and the spirit of our ancestors. The masquerade on stilts, known as "Chakaba" in Western African societies and the "Mocko Jumbi" in other African/Caribbean societies, is actually the spiritual police of the village or community. The "Chakaba" brings blessings to the festivities.
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Yankadi / Makarou
Yankadi is a lighthearted courting rhythm whereby young girls get the opportunity to express their love and admiration to the young boys. It is a rhythm of flirtation and seduction. Makarou is a dance that mimics the children playing. The two rhythms are nearly always played together.
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