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Short preview performances from the upcoming Las Vegas Salsa Congress 2008 DVD.

Las Vegas Salsa Congress 2008

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(Highlights) at the 2008 Las Vegas Salsa Congress
Watch Nuevotec's highlights from the 2008 Las Vegas Salsa Congress, with Tropical Gem, Sin City Salseros, Salsabor y Cache , & Alma Latina (conducted by Joe Figueroa of Living in Rhythm and Linda of Majesty in Motion).

Interviews with Rogelio Moreno, Fernando Sosa, and Oscar Coronado.
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(Nuevotec) at the 2008 Las Vegas Salsa Congress
Watch our collection of stills from the 2008 Las Vegas Salsa Congress. Featuring the song "Whatever I Want" by Usher.
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Interview - Eduardo Aguirre and Heather Gervais
Joe Figueroa from Living in Rhythm caught up with the Seattle based team of Eduardo Aguirre & Heather Gervais from E Mayimbe Dance Company, who again qualified for the World Salsa Championships at the Gemini competition in Portland, Oregon.
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Interview - Josh and Diana
Young rising stars from Las Vegas, Josh and Diana won the World Salsa Championship qualifier in Sin City. They have a guaranteed berth in the semifinal round in the on2 division.
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Interview - LatinoXplosion Kids
The LatinoXplosion kids group directed by Joel Hernandez always gets a great reaction from the crowd. Joe Figueroa from Living in Rhythm talks to the young dancers and gets their opinions on dancing in the group.
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Interview - Mambo Magic
Jose and Omar with Los Angeles area Magic Mambo dancers recently won the 2008 Mayan World Championships team division title. Joe Figueroa from Living in Rhythm discusses the dancers background and history with the team.
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Interview - Positive Energy
Meet the San Diego group of Positive Energy, led by Camille Yannantuono and Michael John Saltus. They have a unique style of blending dancers such as salsa and Argentine Tango.
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Interview - Rogelio Moreno and Megan Edner
Rogelio Moreno, one of the pioneers of the LA on1 style of salsa dancing with Salsabor y Cache, and teammate Megan, talk with Joe Figueroa about their history in the dance community.
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Interview - Rumberos Con Cache
Oscar Coronado of Sin City Salseros interviews Rumberos con Cache, a group that bases its dance foundation from traditional Mexican dances.
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Interview - Tropical Gem
Don't worry - they have been booked for another two years. Majesty in Motion's Linda caught up with the members of Italy's Tropical Gem -- Fernando Sosa, Tatiana Bonaguro, Francesca Croce, and David Fazio. They talk about their dance history and background, and their experiences in Las Vegas.
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Social - Alphonso and Tanya
Lead and follow, switch, follow and lead! Watch the entertaining and versatile Alphonso and Tanya.
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Social - Ashkan and Gaby
Check out Gaby Equiz from Mexico's Alma Latina (finalist in the on1 division of the 2007 World Salsa Championships with Sergio Gasso) and Ashkan.
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Social - Bill and Josie
Watch the collabo with Los Angeles dancers Bill (Raymundo Rojas) and Josie Neglia.
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Social - Chris Ferguson and Fabiola
Poker and salsa dancing? What happens in Vegas, goes online with World Series of Poker Champion Chris ("Jesus") Ferguson and the lovely Fabiola.
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Social - Eduardo Aguirre and Heather Gervais
Displaying chemistry on the stage or social dance floor are E Mayimbe Dance Company's Eduardo and Heather from Seattle.
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Social - Fernando Sosa and friends
Acclaimed director of Italy's Tropical Gem enjoyed the Las Vegas Salsa Congress with fellow dance member Tatiana, Camille (Positive Energy), and another dance (need name?).
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Social - German Acevedo and Virginia Cano
Watch German Acevedo of and Virginia of Sin City Salseros
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Social - Jerry and Yazmin
What's really good, Las Vegas? Check out Son Candente dancers (and Sin City Salseros alumni) Jerry and Yazmin.
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Social - Joe Figueroa and Camille Yannatuono
Philly and San Diego come together with Joe Figueroa from Living in Rhythm and Camille Yannatuono from Positive Energy
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Social - Michael and Karina
Positive Energy dance members Michael and Karina throw down on the dance floor.
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Social - Milton, Chayanne, and Jen
Watch Los Angeles area dancers Milton, Chayanne, and Jennifer.
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Social - Rogelio Moreno and Megan Edner
Salsabor y Cache members Rogelio Moreno and Megan show us some LA style salsa dancing.
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Social - Tanya and Jhanin
Tanya collaborates with Jhanin from Las Vegas' Naiboa Dancers.
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