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Behind the Scenes & Preview Performances
Behind the Scenes & Sample (Preview) Performances

Fantagious CD Release Theater Production

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(Highlights) at the Fantagious CD Theater Production
You couldn't make it out to this one of a kind event? We'll do our best to bring you up to speed with this highlights video, packed with interviews, performances, and behind the scenes footage!

Beginning song by Ritmo Masacote - "Fusion"
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(Nuevotec) at the Fantagious CD Theater Production
Nuevotec puts together a sample of stills from the Fantagious CD Production, featuring "Rumba Walk" from Ritmo Masacote.
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(Sendoff) to the Fantagious Production Weekend
Joel, Ana, Gordon, Marshall, Laura, Sekou, Lee, Dale, and Mark-Anthony send off the Fantagious weekend with a virtual toast of balloons, marking the momentous occasion.
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Interview - Cindy, Susy, Gio & Jesus
"Very innovative!" "Going outside of the boundaries, thinking outside the box!" Live music, magic, martial arts, and salsa and modern dance. Some audience members give their feedback on the Fantagious CD Theater Production event, including Susy and Cindy from Hacha y Machete, and Giovanni and Jesus from Descarga Caribe.
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Interview - Gordon, Lee, Laura, and Marshall pt1
Spoken word. Vocals. Improvisational comedy. Magic and illusion. And that's before the original live latin jazz music and dance performances. The Fantagious CD Theater production owes much of its uniqueness and variety to out of state (Massachusetts) talent Gordon Neil, Lee Rios, Marshall Weller, and Laura Smith. Liz Tambascio from ShangoSoul asks the talented cast about their thoughts on the production and creative vision in part one of this interview.
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Interview - Gordon, Lee, Laura, and Marshall pt2
"It's never been done before." In part two of this interview, Gordon Neil discusses the creative vision of Joel and Ana Massicot, with a unique and innovative blend of entertainment that came together as the CD release and theater production, Fantagious.
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Interview - Jason and Sheila of Masacote Dancers
Liz Tambascio from ShangoSoul catches up with two members of the Masacote Dance Company, newlyweds Jason and Sheila. They discuss some of the challenges with the dance pieces from Fantagious.
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Interview - Sekou McMiller
Taking a short break as an assitant director and choreographer from Celia the Musical, Descarga Caribe's Sekou McMiller talks with Liz Tambascio about his role as production supervisor for Fantagious.
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Performance - Hacha y Machete
Watch Victor and Burju from Hacha y Machete perform their "Silencio" routine from Orquesta Harlow.
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Performance - Hacha y Machete semipro
Hacha y Machete semiprofessional team displays their great talent with this performance.
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Social dance - Gordon and Tiffany
I know you got soul! Performer, instructor, and vocalist Gordon Neil collaborated with the beautiful Tiffany at the Fantagious all-white gala event.
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Social dance - Guesley and Julie
Salstar fashion designer and Saltimambo dance member Guesley Chery dances with Boston area and Sabrosura performer Julie.
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Social dance - Jesus and Nicole
Chicago and Atlanta team up with Descarga Caribe member Jesus and Nicole.
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Social dance - Jimmy and Susana
Boston area dancer Jimmy and Susana collaborate to a social cha-cha dance.
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Social dance - Lee and Lisa
San Antonio couple Lee Rios and Lisa from Semenaya Ballroom show off some mad skills in this dance.
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Social dance - Mark-Anthony & Valerie
Mas Mambo dancer and salsa dj Mark-Anthony from Toronto danced with Valerie at the Fantagious all white gala event.
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Social dance - Marshall and Laura
The Marshall of Magic, Bermuda's very own Marshall Weller ( dances with partner Laura Smith.
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Social dance - Niche ("Carlos") & Anara
What's up Boston? The lovely Anara teams up Niche ("Carlos) in a blend of two social dances. Anybody know the second song's name?
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Social dance - Paul and Cindy
Slick social dancer and performer Paul dances with the beautiful Cindy from Hacha y Machete
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Social dance - Rudy and Sasha
Alumnus of the Plan B dancers, Rudy and Hacha y Machete member Sasha enjoyed a cha-cha dance.
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Social dance - Sekou and Susy
Descarga Caribe and Hacha y Machete members Sekou and Susy collaborate at the Fantagious event.
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