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Cultural Explosion Summer Showcase 2007

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(nuevotec) at Cultural Explosion Showcase 2007
Nuevotec was in the da house to catch the talented performers, students and special invited guest performers of the Cultural Explosion Dance Company. Watch this slide show to get a small taste of how amazing this Showcase truly was.
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A Cappella in Harmony
Sit back and let this trio blow you away with their amazing vocals. Perfectly in harmony they deliver an amazing performance that is sure to knock your socks off. Guest Performers.
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African Dance
This high energy piece is sure to make you jump out of your seat and join in. The Mother Land for all Caribbean Dance – Africa!!! Guest Performer.
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Another entertaining performance that take us back to the roots. In this piece we see the evolution from the African to the Afro-Caribbean. Student Choreography Class.
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This Dominican dance fusion is sure to excite and entertain. Republica Dominicana – “Presente”!! Student Choreography Class.
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Ballroom Cha Cha Cha
Anya and Christian Baerens show us how much fun Cha Cha Cha can be when you have a great song and a playful partner. Guest Performers.
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Ballroom Rumba
Anya and Christian Baerens put on another great performance. Elegant, Classy & Romantic. Guest Performers.
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Ballroom Samba
Did someone say SEX APPEAL? Anya and Christian Baerens do not disappoint in the sexy and sensuous Samba. Guest Performers.
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Ballroom, Ballet & Acrobatics
Partners Anya and Christian Baerens, from Dancing with the Stars, team up with David and Zoe from Paradizo Dance along with Yuki Clark, Jose Serrano from Professional Ballet Companies to put on a beautiful and moving performance. This mixture of ballet, ballroom, and "acrobatics" is a must see! Guest Performers.
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Break dancing
That's right the audience "Got Served" as the dynamic group known as the Souljerz Crew put on a show stopping performance. Guest Performers.
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Cultural Explosion's very own Ivan Taylor shows that he's not only a great Salsa dancer but a master at the art of Capoeira.
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Cuban Horns
In this Horn Driven piece the talented Cultural Explosion dancers mesmerize the audience with their sharp hits, crisp body movements, and intricate shines. Click, Sit back, and enjoy!
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AMAZING! Is really the only way one can describe the talents of David and Zoe of Paradizo Dance and here is a small taste of their talents. Guest Performers.
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Footwork Medley
Take a pot, throw in some classic Salsa and some intricate footwork mix it all up and VOILA! This is what you get... Student Choreography Class.
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Grand Finale
Who needs a routine when you have a song like Richie Ray's Sonido Bestial playing? The Cultural Explosion dancers show us their interpretation of this Salsa Classic and leave it all on the dance floor as they bring down the house with this closing performance.
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Magic Salsa
Who says you can't mix magic and Salsa? Watch as Laurie Marshal & Marshall Weller from simply amaze and baffle the audience with their routine. Guest Performers.
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Nightclub Cha Cha Cha
Christina Piedra’s Choreographic Interpretation of Santana’s Smooth, performed by the students of Cultural Explosion Dance Company.
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Paso Doble Tango
You just can't get enough of Anya and Christian Baerens. They are just an incredible couple who always entertain and get you excited about dance. Watch out this one might be too hot to handle. Play at your own risk.
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Represent Cuba
Cuba is in the house! Watch as the lovely ladies of Cultural Explosion show us how deep their love for Cuba is. And we must say, the Cuban flag never looked so good.
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Salsa Fire
This is a great Salsa and a must see. Student Choreography Class.
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Salsa Mambo Explosion
Watch this great performance you will not be disappointed. The Advanced Choreography Group.
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Salsa Rueda de Casino
Rueda's are always fun! Click to join in on this playful performance. Student Choreography Class with their instructors Ed & Juan Juan.
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Join David and Zoe of Paradizo Dance once again as they deliver another jaw dropping Acrobatic performance. Guest Performers.
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Spain, Broadway & Stomp the Yard.
Who knew that Flamenco, Tap, and Step would compliment each other so beautifully? Join Laura Marcos, Laurie Marshall, Ariel Perez from Cultural Explosion as their styles come together to create a truly unique and wonderful performance.
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Swingin' Salsa
Cross body lead into a lindy hop might sound a bit odd, right? Well let me tell you that this salsa with a 50's theme is sure to get you up and rockin' along with the Cultural Explosion dancers.
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Tainted Love
Yes SEX does SELL... and The Cultural Explosion dancers sell it well. Join them as they work to entice you with their sex appeal and amazing dance moves.
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Another great performance by the students of Cultural Explosion Dance Company who perform with their Tango Instructor Alexis Madill.
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